Sunday, 20 January 2013

Out of hibernation

Perhaps a little early as there is more snow on the ground than we've seen in 11 months, but yes, after what I now realise was a massive break from blogging, I'm back.

We were out of our home for six weeks and returned to a gorgeous new floor, kitchen, and a rearrangement that means we have a dedicated play room. Most importantly we are now confident that the wildlife is staying outside!

Autumn turned very quickly into the Christmas season and preparations for us to host my family for the first time. As you can imagine it left little time for sewing, but I had made gifts earlier in the year that I can now share so watch out for those posts in the next little while.

I received some great Christmas gifts - almost all sewing related. Scissors, a mini-iron, basting gun and a knitting bag. I will admit that the knitting bag was spied in a craft magazine and purchased from kntting supplier (they don't appear to stock it anymore) but I have no intention of putting knitting in it. It's just the right size for my swimming gear!

During, and perhaps a significant reason for, this period of hibernation a friend lost his fight against leukemia. There are no words that can express how we've been feeling. Pulling together with friends to support his beautiful family has been cathartic for us, although I'm sure it's only taking a drop from the ocean of pain for them. If you happen to read this please consider becoming a blood donor and a stem cell donor.