Thursday, 28 February 2013

Summer must be coming!

Oh heck, what happened there? I was going to get back on the blogging thing and lost my way again. Today's flurry of lovely dress activity on the blogs I follow has led me to make the effort today.

Oliver + S are releasing two patterns tomorrow. Kristin from skirt as top has been pattern testing and I love both her take on the Roller Skate Dress and the one posted on the Oliver + S blog! If you follow the links to the other bloggers that have shared in Kristin's pattern testing the tunic version looks brilliant too.

I've got fabric and several dress patterns and have even put in an order to my Mum, but the chill in the weather has put me off so far. I am now desperate to get them made - not least because Poppet has outgrown so many clothes - so I can try this pattern too! So why am I sitting here typing instead of sewing? Right, let's get this done!