Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Oliver + S Bear Carrier

We gave our last Christmas gift to a lovely little friend today and she put it on right away and wore it for an hour!

The bear carrier we gave was made with pink wool and a pink patterned quilting cotton lining. I added a little touch by adding an applique heart to the pocket. It did look very cute carrying a pink bear.

Poppet's Bear Carrier (Oliver + S)

The carrier pictured is the one I made for Poppet (my 3 year old daughter) as a Christmas gift. This one was made with an embroidered babycord and a purple quiting cotton lining. Sadly, this carrier wasn't enthusiastically received because Poppet can't put it on by herself, and being the impatient independent type, toys that need adult help get short shrift at the moment.

The carrier is from Oliver + S Little Things To Sew and fits children from age 2 upwards.  The pattern says for ages 3-8 but our little friend is a small two year old and it worked fine. Fat quarters are sufficient for the outer body of the carrier and the lining but the straps take a significant amount more. You'll need fabric 10 inches by 42 inches. The carrier is fastened using buttons and velcro.

I was inspired to make the carrier having read gail @ probably actually rave about it (and I was fortunate to be able to borrow the book from my Mum but she'd lost half the patterns so had to buy a new copy, blah blah...). I would agree that it looks adorable but it did highlight my inexperience in sewing curves. To avoid a mess I didn't top stitch and I think this lets the end result down a little. More significant is that the velcro I used isn't sticky enough so the poor bear hangs sideways after a while. If I change the velcro and help Poppet practice with the cross-over straps, it may still be a hit!

Oliver + S Bear Carrier Tips:
  • Practice sewing curves before you start
  • Use very sticky velcro
  • Be aware that children will need assistance putting the carrier on due to the cross-over straps
  • Pocket is easy to customise

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