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Everything you need to change a dolly's nappy (diaper): tutorial

My eldest daughter and my niece love to play dolls. They push them around in buggies, give them milk and change their nappies. So when I saw this dotty dolly diaper post from Gail at Probably Actually I knew I had to make some. And then having retrieved Treacle's changing mat from Poppet's hands again decided that Baby (we aren't very creative when it comes to naming toys!) needed a changing mat too. Oh, and a little pouch for the wipes.

Nappies for a 12" doll, mat, wipes and wipes pouch. Jersey nightdress exterior, solid pink cotton and pink gingham lining.

Nappies for a 16" doll, mat, wipes and wipes pouch. Exerior in Meadowsweet by Sandra Henderson for Michael Miller fabrics. Lining in double layered cream cotton lawn.


See dotty dolly diaper post. I made mine using pattern piece H from McCalls 4338, extending the tabs and adding velcro following Gail's advice. The pattern has a 12" doll option, and a 16" doll option - the pink ones above are for a 12" doll. The green dotty ones below are for a 16" doll.

Nappies for 16" doll. Meadowsweet by Sandra Henderson.


See dotty dolly diaper post.

Doll wipes made from flannel and edged using an overlock stitch.

Wipes Pouch - oh so easy!
materials for making the wipes pouch

1. Cut two pieces of fabric and two pieces of medium weight fusible interfacing 6" by 4". Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.   

2. Cut a circle from the centre of one rectangle. I did this by folding the rectangle in half, and then half again, and cutting away a quarter circle from the folded corner. Finish the inside edge of the circle with a fairly narrow zigzag stitch.

3. Place the two rectangles right sides together matching all edges. Stitch along all edges with a .25" seam. Finish edges with a zig zag stitch or pinking shears.

4. Clip corners and turn right-side-out using the hole made in step 2. Press and stuff with adorable little flannel wipes.
    Wipes pouch. Meadowsweet by Sandra Henderson.

    Changing Mat - a really quick tutorial...

    • 9" x 13" of an exterior fabric and a lining fabric. The fabrics can either be a single piece or patchworked from scraps.

    • 3" x 3" exterior fabric

    • 9" x 13" batting or fusible fleece
    • 1.5" strip of .5" velcro
    1. Cut one piece each of exterior fabric, lining fabric and batting, all the same size. Cut one piece 3" x 3" for the tab that will hold the mat together when folded.

    2. Take the tab and press one edge .25" to the wrong side. Fold and press the adjoining sides .75" to the wrong side - they should meet in the middle. Fold in half and press.

    3. Top stitch three edges, leaving the raw edge unsewn. Cut a 1.5" piece of velcro and stitch the hook part to the finished end of the tab.

    4. To attach the loop half of the velcro to the mat, take the exterior fabric and mark a point 2" from the right and 1" from the top. Align the top right corner of the velcro to the mark you made and stitch in place.

    5. Layer the fabric - batting, lining right side up (there are two layers of lining in the photo because I was using cotton lawn and needed the extra weight) and exterior fabric right side down with the velcro in the top right corner.

    6. Take your tab and place it between the lining and exterior fabric, in the top left corner, 2" from the edge, velcro side down, raw edge aligned with the raw edge at the top of the exterior fabric.

    7. Stitch all layers together with a .5" seam. Leave a 3" gap in the stitching on one edge. Trim seam allowance, clip corners and turn right side out. Press under the unsewn edge  and top stitch around all edges. Press.

    8.  Fold in half, and half again, and use the tab to secure.

    Changing mat. Meadowsweet by Sandra Henderson.

    Copyright 2012 Poppet + Treacle
    All rights reserved. For personal use only. Please do not sell items made from this tutorial unless permission has been given. If you wish to sell for charity that's fantastic - go ahead! I'd love to hear about it too.

    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

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    1. those are darling! i love the wipes case and changing pad...we might need some of those, too :)