Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Orla Kiely Inspirations

Her designs are so en-vogue that you can even buy a DAB radio in the multi-stem pattern! And I will confess to owning two of her handbags. However, I haven't been able to purchase Orla Kiely fabric so I decided to use her designs as inspiration for some needlework.


Her lovely designs, handbags and more can be found here (and visit the shop in Covent Garden, it's lovely) http://www.orlakiely.com/uk/

A note on how I did it: I transfered the design from postcards to graph paper for cross stitch and pattern paper for applique. I was also very fortunate that Nanny (my late grandmother) gave me her stash of old embroidery threads (from the labelling most of which I suspect are older than me!) so I had a wide range of colours to select from without stepping near a shop. I appliqued the designs to simple cushion covers. I love how these worked out but having lived with them for a few months I can't tolerate the colour I used and have relegated them to the airing cupboard. I plan to repeat the project with higher quality, less blue home furnishing fabric... you know, when I have a spare hour or three!

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