Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympic fever

In huge contrast to the health of our British Olympic team, my poor little Poppet's been quite unwell. We had a large dose of chicken pox* just as Poppet was about to start at a new nursery, and now, just as she's getting over it, she's got tonsilitis. I feel so sorry for her. And guilty. Of course the tonsilitis was preceded by some major tantrums and arguments between us, like always.

While that's been going on we've been juggling childcare and getting Treacle settled into nursery and hosting visitors. Oh yeah, and watching the Olympics!

My parents were our main visitors as we live closer to Eton Dorney which is hosting the rowing events. My parents were fortunate to see the first British Gold of the Olympics! They had a fabulous time and were pretty hoarse by the time we collected them from the train station at the end of their second day at the river.

I'm completely absorbed by Olympic fever. Watching sporting events has always been a big deal in my family, even though none of us are particularly good at sports in practice! We've been watching on TV, listening on the radio and in preparation for our trip to the Olympic park to see a women's hockey semi-final, I've purchased a team GB t-shirt (and cap!).

And I've bought some London 2012 stamps. I could be accused of being a merchandiser's dream but I prefer to think of myself as being "in the spirit".

*we don't immunise against it here in the UK.

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