Monday, 13 August 2012

Put down your laptop and have fun


We used to be serial fixer-uppers. Buy a place, fix it up, move on. We worked really hard, and then worked some more at painting, planning and so on at the weekends. And then we had kids. We really don't want to spend precious time in front of a laptop or holding a paintbrush when we could be with Poppet and Treacle so we are making a real effort to plan weekends and holidays that we can all enjoy together.

This weekend we went to Croyde Bay.

It's a surfer's paradise, and a lovely beach for families too! We had a great time on Saturday but the weekend really didn't go to plan. A four hour journey turned into seven; there was no surf; Treacle came out in chicken pox. Fortunately the journey home was quicker but it did cut our weekend short, and Treacle is suffering badly.

So you see what I'm saying? Have fun whenever you can because you never know when you have to change your plans!

And you never know what's around the corner.

A good friend of mine is currently being treated for secondary leukemia. He needs a bone marrow transplant and while they have found a suitable match for him, there are others who may not be so fortunate. Take a moment, before you put down your laptop and have some summer adventures, to consider joining the stem cell donation register (this used to be called bone marrow donation and was more invasive - these days it's a saliva sample to register and little more than blood donation to donate).

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  1. Even when ours have grown up we should not spend quite so much time in front of the lap top. Thanks Anna. Enjoyed reading.